Student success in an online course comes through regular submission of course work and communication with the teacher. Students who fail to submit coursework in a timely fashion and/or have not been in contact with their teacher may be considered “inactive” and may have access to their course temporarily restricted until an educational plan is put into place.

Active verse Inactive Students

Students who are academically “active” in a course are interacting with course content, submitting assignments and communicating with their teacher on a regular basis.

When a teacher identifies a student as “inactive,” this means the student has not been progressing in their course, submitting assignments or communicating with their teacher on a regular basis. These students will then be given a set time frame to communicate any timeline changes to their teachers and re-engage in their course work before their course access becomes restricted.

Phases of Inactivity

Inactive Phase 1 

Students who have shown little to no communication or activity in their course for approximately 2 weeks will be considered inactive and receive an Inactive Phase 1 email from their teacher. This email invites the student to communicate with their teacher, re-engage in their learning and set new timeline goals for success. The student will have 2 weeks to “re-activate” and if no plan is put into place by the end of 2 weeks, the student will enter Phase 2 of Inactivity.

Inactive Phase 2 

Students who have not re-activated after receiving the Phase 1 email will receive a second email notice of inactivity. This notification will come from DLC Administration and will strongly encourage students to re-engage in their learning, set new timeline goals for success and communicate with their teacher immediately. They will also be warned that if no plan is put into place by the end of the next activity period, online access to the course may be temporarily restricted.

Inactive Phase 3 

Students who have not re-activated following of the Phase 2 email will be sent a Phase 3 email, from DLC Administration, telling them they have had their online access temporarily restricted. These students will be required to make an educational plan with their Academic Adviser or Principal and cannot reactivate in a course until there is an educational plan in place for that student to be more successful.

Inactive Phase 4 

Students who do not communicate a plan within two weeks of the Phase 3 email will be dropped from the course due to inactivity. The course will be removed from their DLCgo Dashboard and an email will be sent from DLC Administration, telling them they have been dropped.  In some cases, the student's geographical School Division may be notified of the removal from courses.

If you have any questions about the Inactive Process, please contact your teacher.