The Guided Learning pathway provides students with a structured online learning environment. Through experience, we have found that the added structure that comes with this pathway helps our learners complete the courses with a greater success rate. All students in a school are automatically enrolled in the Guided Learning pathway. Students outside of a school have the option of joining the Guided Learning pathway at the start of the semester.

The Guided Learning pathway provides the following benefits:

  1. regular communication to let you know what is coming due and what lesson you should be working on;
  2. structured due dates, so you can keep pace with the course content and finish on time;
  3. additional contact and updates to your in-school and at-home supports, so they can support you as you work through the course.

The Flexible Learning pathway provides students with an adaptive online learning environment. Some learners may work on a schedule that does not follow the traditional school calendar and the Flexible Learning pathway is designed to help you succeed within this variable environment. All students outside of a school are automatically enrolled in the Flexible Learning pathway. 

Important: If you are in the Flexible Learning pathway, you are still expected to work regularly. While your due dates are adaptive, there are still dues dates, and you still must complete the course within the time you selected during registration.