All students will be required to have an supervisor (proctor) for the final exam. Depending on your learning situation, you may also be required to have a proctor for your unit exams. 

What is a proctored exam?

A proctored exam is an exam that is supervised by an impartial person who observes the student during an exam to ensure that the academic integrity of the exam process is followed.

What does a proctor do?

A proctor is the liaison between the DLC and the student to ensure testing is done under supervised conditions. A proctor will have a set of duties to perform before, during and after the exam they are supervising.

Who can proctor an exam?

  • All proctors must be approved by the Distance Learning Centre.
  • A proctor must not be related to the student and there should be no relationship between the proctor and the student that could call into question the impartiality of the proctor (e.g. spouse, family member, relative, business partner, personal tutor, etc.).
  • Typically, acceptable proctors include teachers, librarians, other school staff, community leaders, etc.
  • Proctors should have basic computer skills (ability to email and scan documents) and access to a reliable internet connection.

How do I confirm and prepare my proctor for the exam?

  • Seek out a proctor 1-2 weeks prior to your expected exam date.
  • Provide them with the Information for Prospective Proctors and have them complete the Proctor Contact Sheet and email it to the course instructor.
  • Confirm with your proctor 2-3 days before your exam that they have submitted the Proctor Contact Sheet and are prepared to supervise the exam.
  • With your proctor and instructor, determine a mutually acceptable time, date to write your exam and any accommodations that you may require.
  • Discuss with your proctor the required technology (computer, laptop, printer, etc.), environmental considerations (free from distractions, well lit, private, etc.) and length of time for the exam.
  • Students are responsible for any costs associated with the exam. The DLC is not responsible for any costs incurred with the exam writing process.

What happens when the exam is complete?

Both the student and the proctor will be asked to complete declaration sheets after the exam.

  • Students will need to complete the Student Declaration Sheet
  • Proctors will need to complete the Proctor Declaration Sheet
  • Both declaration sheets will need to be returned to the course instructor via email from the designated proctor. Students cannot return the declaration sheets on their own.