• Find a proctor who will supervise you while you write the exam. Agree to a time, date, and location to write the exam.
  • Fill out the online DLC Exam Proctor Application Form a minimum of 4 school days before your exam writing date. Students are responsible for any costs associated with the proctoring process. *Proctors must be approved by the DLC.
  • Email your teacher to let them know you have completed the application. Your teacher will contact your proctor to verify the information, writing date and discuss proctor expectations. Once your proctor has been approved your teacher will follow-up with you to confirm if your proctor was approved.
  • If you already have a proctor that has been approved by a DLC teacher for another course, please email your teacher who your proctor is so they can contact them.

Students only need to fill this form out once per proctor. Proctors only need to be approved once and can be used for multiple courses. If you attend a school your local school teacher should proctor your exams. Please note the Sun West Distance Learning Centre reserves the right to deny proctors at any time. If your proctor is not available for a phone call during regular business hours Monday to Friday please discuss alternate contact times with your teacher. Please inform your teacher if you change proctors at any time. If any additional exam writing supports are needed they need to be communicated to the teacher before the exam writing date.


  • After you have agreed upon a time, date and location to supervise the exam and the student has filled out the online Proctor Application Form, you will get an email or phone call from the students’ teacher.
  • They will ask you a few questions about your relationship the student and go over the expectations and guidelines of the exam writing process.
  • If you are approved as a proctor, a follow-up email will be sent with any further instructions.

Please note the Sun West Distance Learning Centre reserves the right to deny proctors at any time. Proctors need to be approved for each student. More Proctor information is available on your website.